Let's drink lest we be three drinks behind

We're Bangalore’s first craft brewery, “The Biere Club”

Established with the purpose of giving beer its due in our country.

This is not an attempt to be righteous or anything. It’s just nobody has done justice to this fine brew in our land of plenty. Our hope is to introduce you to beire in a manner never done before. And this we intend to achieve at brewing fresh & original beire in small batches, using the finest ingredients with traditional methods. Cross our heart we will. Our aim is to elevate the status of beire & educate people on beire by introducing them to the various styles & flavors that makes it a drink that everyone can enjoy. To further compliment our brew will be appropriate gastronomical experiences, excellent service & ambiance.

the biere club @ vittal mallya road
the biere club @ 153 biere street
mustard & cress @ 153 biere street
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